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Top 3 Factors to Consider for SSL Certificate

Sep 26, 2020 | SSL Certificate | 0 comments

The SSL Certificate secures your website and boosts the confidence of your visitors to share their confidential information on your website. Let us share the top 3 factors to consider before purchasing an SSL Certificate for your website.

  • Considering Cost of SSL Certificate
  • Considering Convenience of SSL Certificate
  • Considering Confidence of SSL Certificate

Cost of SSL Certificate:

You will find an SSL Certificate at various costs. Some are FREE SSL Certificates, some are Cheap SSL Certificates, some are affordable & mid range SSL Certificates and there are Costly Enterprise Level SSL Certificates too.

It totally depends on your type of website and nature of your business. FREE SSL Certificate and Cheap SSL Certificate normally use an automated process to verify transactions or information passing on your domain name. Costly and High prices SSL Certificate uses multiple high end processes to validate high traffic websites information quickly and securely.

You should consider how much traffic, transactions and information are getting shared through your domain name. FREE and Cheap SSL Certificates can handle and authenticate low traffic and basic websites. However, websites having tons of traffics and millions dollars transaction happening required much secured and costly SSL Certificate.

Convenience of SSL Certificate:

You will easily get SSL Certificates from your Hosting and Domain provider as a combo product or as an add-on. This might seem convenient and the most simple way to secure your website. However, as a technology expert we suggest there are SSL Certificates authorities namely DigiCert, Rapid SSL, Thawte, Sectigo, and GeoTrust who offer SSL Certificates. They are experts and most reliable brands to offer SSL Certificates.

If you are not a technical person then you can find some technology consultant or SSL Certificate Vendor who can offer a highly secure SSL Certificates of such brands.

To Identify the best SSL Certificates for your website contact our technology experts.

Confidence of SSL Certificate:

There are 3 types of SSL Certificate: DV SSL Certificate, OV SSL Certificate and EV SSL Certificate. Each having their own level of security levels and protects your website accordingly.

SSL certificates which only validated your domain are not capable of securing your visitors information. Typically those are FREE SSL Certificates which only label your domain as a secure domain and do not add any security layers to it.

If you are concerned with the security of information and transactions happening on your website then you need a SSL Certificate which provides verificable trust marks which are also known as Dynamic Site Seal. This trust mark also displays site owner’s information, extended validation (EV Certificates) and it is recognized by all the major browsers too.

It is important to consider the cost of SSL certificate, vendor of SSL Certificate and type of SSL certificate before buying the SSL certificate for your website. When you are in doubt which SSL certificate to choose, always take the help of some technical expert and get it to install an SSL certificate with a reliable vendor only.

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