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Top 5 Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

Sep 5, 2020 | Website Designing | 0 comments

You already have a website and not thinking when and why I should redesign my website then this article is especially for you. Websites have become an important aspect of business. It is considered as an entry gate for your potential customers.

Due to the wave of digital transformation and the corona crisis many things have changed and people are now shifting to online more. To keep providing updated information to your visitors and being in a competition website redesign is necessary on a regular interval.

Here are Top 5 reasons you should redesign your website:

  1. Sustain Brand Image: Keeping your site consistency is a must for improving user experience and for your branding too. Consistency helps to maintain your brand voice and image throughout the website.If you have made several edits/improvements to your website then you should check across the website for the consistency as per your brand.
  2. Increase Traffic: To get more traffic or visitors on your website, you need to redesign your website to make it more search friendly.This may include optimizing the design, images and content of your website. You can also introduce blogs for providing more insightful information to your visitors.
  3. Convert more Visitors: To engage and convert your visitors into leads, subscribers, customers or a sale. An optimized and clear conversion strategy needs to be implemented on a website.Your website should clearly talk about your businesses, what it offers and how to opt for your products and services for a better conversion ratio.
  4. Improve & Introduce New Functionality: It’s important to have a user-friendly website. If your website has a good amount of traffic and you’re experiencing a significant amount of conversation then you must need to introduce new functionalities to handle the heavy traffic and visitors.This may be a quick check-out option, live chat, support center, smart product filter or a multilingual option for your website.
  5. Mobile-Friendly: In the last couple of years after the introduction of 4G networks mobile users have significantly grown. Reports say that around 68% users prefer to consume information, buy products and watch video on mobile devices.If your website is not mobile friendly then you are definitely missing out a big chunk of your potential customers.

What do you think…Does your website is up to date and fulfill all the criteria mentioned above? If it is not then it’s time to redesign your website now.

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