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SSL Certificates Are Not Valid for More Than a Year Now

Sep 21, 2020 | SSL Certificate | 0 comments

We all know how important it is to have SSL Certificate installed on a website to secure your visitors information. And to do so SSL Authorities were used to offer SSL Certificates for 2 years but now it has gone. SSL Certificates will be valid for 397 days only.

Now you will think 397 days….that’s not a year. Yes that’s right but that is 1 year + One month of grace period for renewal of SSL Certificate.

Don’t worry…you can still opt for a 2 years or multi-year SSL Certificate but other way round. It is not that much complicated…let me explain it, Let say you have purchased 2 years of SSL Certificate then after 1 year you have to re-issue your certificate to keep your website protected with SSL Certificate.

This change impacted from 1st September 2020. So in case you already have a multi-year SSL Certificate then don’t panic it will be still valid for the same duration but as explained above you have to re-issue your certificate every year.

Why is the multi-year SSL Certificate eliminated?

The core goal of the SSL Certificate is to provide security to your website and transmit the information with the optimum safety. SSL Authorities say that Shorter Validity means High Security

Below are the advantage of short-term SSL Certificates:

  • Small lifespan of SSL Certificates means shorter validity of keys and less time for compromised keys. Short time SSL Certificates have a small window of exposure in case the key gets stolen.
  • SSL authorities can release updates at a much faster rate.
  • All the information updated every year, organization information like company name, address, new products/services and domain which eventually built a trust.
  • Yearly re-issuing of SSL certificate will encourage automation. With the help of Certification management system it’s really convenient to manage re-issuing and validates of SSL certificates automatically.

So to conclude this change of shorting the validity of SSL Certificate is actually a good move and enhances the security measures. If you still want to buy a multi-year SSL Certificate then you can buy it without any second thought in your mind.

All the major SSL Certificates brands like DigiCert, Rapid SSL, Thwate, Sectigo, and GeoTrust are offering 2 year and multi-year SSL Certificates with enhanced security. However, it will follow the same principle i.e you have to re-issue your SSL certificate after 1 year.

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